AAV Transduction Database (SPIRIT)

Graphs below depict the results of transduction of different cultured cell types with various recombinant Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors encoding a yellow fluorescent reporter. The vectors were either based on wild-type AAV serotypes or on capsid variants that were derived from the wild-types through insertion of distinct peptides (one peptide variant per capsid). In the bubble charts, transduction rates (i.e., percent of fluorescent reporter-positive cells) are illustrated by the circle radius/area, and the expression strength (i.e., median fluorescence signal) is indicated by the color (black: low > green: high). While bubble charts with black/green rims were based on quantifications of immunofluorescence microscopy images, red circled datasets were derived from photometric plate reader measurements. For the latter, transduction efficiencies could not be determined on a cell-to-cell basis, which is why both, circle radius/area and color, represent expression strength.

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